USA orders: $3.95 shipping. Free shipping on orders $59 and over. 


Top Ten answers to frequent questions we receive:

1) This is how this whole build your custom cap thing works here at Megadeluxe: You pick a patch, and a cap. We sew in-house and ship.
2) Regarding our sold-out vintage patches: there's no way to predict when, or if, a particular patch will show up again. However we do have notifications on some patch pages that will automically email you once we restock a patch.  
3) We keep our shipping out dates here.  
4) Shipping is $3.95 to anywhere in the U.S. Free shipping on orders over $59. 
5) All of our cap size patches are vintage, and we don't sell them alone – only on caps. However we do sell our jacket patches alone or with a jacket.
6) We carry Flexfit, Richardson and New Era caps. Some of the best-built caps in the business.
7) Sorry, custom embroidery is not a service we provide. However we do provide sewing services.
8) All of our custom caps are sewn-to-order in Northern California.
9) Prices start at $39 for a vintage patch sewn onto a new cap.
10) We're a small family-run outfit, but scrappy as all get out. 

Now, onto the long answers to frequent questions. (Pack a lunch).

How long does it take for a custom order to ship?
As of this date, it's taking 6-9 business days business days for us to sew and ship out an order. Visit our shipping out page for more detailed information. Our monthly orders have tripled since the first of the year (2018) and we're working seven days a week to stay on top of this volume.

We're a small outfit. But scrappy as all get out.

If you just ordered a cap and 6-9 business days seems too long to wait for a handbuilt made-to-order product assembled in the USA, please contact us to say you can't wait – no problem, we'll cancel your order and send you a full refund. We make no apologies for the time and care it takes to produce a quality product.

All of our custom caps are sewn-to-order. Folks, we're not fast food retail.  

We ship via USPS along with a tracking number that's texted or emailed out to you – depending on how you chose to be notified at checkout. Once you receive a USPS tracking number and it's in their system you can track your package to receive up-to-date shipping status. Sorry, no way for us to estimate USPS exact delivery times.

How's does this whole build-your-own custom cap thing work? 
Three easy steps to building your own custom cap:
Pick a patch and add it to your cart.
2) Pick a cap and add it to your cart. 
3) We then expertly sew your patch and cap together in-house. 

Hold the train, I can get one of your vintage patches sewn onto any cap or jacket you carry?
Yes, you get to build your own custom cap with a little expert sewing help from us. Our motto afterall is: Pick a Patch. Pick a Cap. We Sew & Ship. 

How much does it cost to get a cap or jacket shipped in the USA?
$3.95 to anywhere in the US of A. We started a "zero markup" for shipping as of May, 2018. Zero markup means we make zero profit off shipping. When USPS (our carrier) raises prices, we'll do so accordingly but with no upcharge to our customers. USPS charges us $2.92 to ship an average order to anywhere in the USA. We add $1.03 for the cost of packaging. (Boxes run 74 cents alone).

  • $2.92 – USPS shipping cost
  • $1.03 – Packaging
  • $3.95 – Total 

And you ship worldwide?
Just to Canada and Australia.

How come you don't ship worldwide?
At one time we did, and we just lost money and gobs of time. We used USPS Priority Mail International, and shipping overseas started at $45 per order. Our average cap starts at $39, so we thought $45 was much too expensive of an additional charge. Unfortunately, it was the only shipping option where we could reliably track international packages. Another hurdle: countries charge additional duties or taxes which pushed up the cost even higher. In the end we had to make the difficult call and discontinue worldwide shipping. Huge downer, since we'd love to ship our caps worldwide. We'll revisit this issue every few months and hopefully someday we'll find a solution. 

How much is shipping to Canada and Australia?
Between $6 to $10 U.S. We can ship to both of these countries inexpensively and not have to use USPS Priority Mail International. Good thing because we have a good following in both of these countries. 

But you do offer free shipping in the US on orders $59 and over?
Yes, yes we do. 

Prices start at $39 for an authentic vintage patch sewn onto a new cap. 

How much does one of your custom caps cost?
Prices start at $39 for a vintage patch sewn onto a new cap. We base our pricing on the rarity of an individual vintage patch and the blank cap we sew it on. Some of our more expensive patch and cap combinations can cost over $65. But most of our caps fall into the $39 – $49 price range. 

I have a vintage patch, can you sew it on a cap? 
Yes we can. More information here.

We don't sell patches without caps. What can we say, we're the Simon and Garfunkel of cap customizers. 

Can I buy just a cap patch alone? 
At this time we don't sell a  cap size patch without it being sewn on a cap. What can we say, we're the Simon and Garfunkel of cap customizers. However we do sell our jacket size patches alone or sewn onto a jacket of your choice.  

Can I get you guys to do a custom embroidery design?
We just collect and sell vintage patches. (Come on now, embroidery is like real work – something we take great pride in avoiding). We will be producing our own patches in the future but we'll always stay away from doing custom embroidery jobs. 

I can't decide on a patch and cap combination. 
Visit our two Instagram feeds. Megadeluxe and MegadeluxeStore. We have hundreds of cap and patch combinations that we've done over the years.

What blank caps do you carry?
We carry Flexfit, Richardson and New Era caps. Three of the most well-known and best made ball caps in the hat universe.  

There's no substitute for trying on a cap in person in front of a mirror.

I've been told that my head is the size of a small planet with its own gravitational you have a cap large enough for me? 
Here's what we've told anyone who's asked a sizing question: There's no substitute for trying on a cap in person. Never buy a cap style you haven't tried on before...chances are you'll just be disappointed. If you haven't worn one of our well-known cap brands before, we recommend that you try one on at your local sporting goods or cap store. (Or, ask a friend who wears ball caps. We all have one of those cap crazy friends). We carry three of the most popular cap brands around: Flexfit, New Era and Richardson. If you find a good fit, take a photo of the cap (inside and out) and send it to us. Our cap scientists should be able to figure out the make and model from there. 

What happens if I receive a custom cap and it doesn't fit me and I want to replace it?
Mail it back and we'll put your patch on another cap for 50% off the cost of the blank cap alone (i.e.; $20 blank cap would be $10 with 50% off). To prevent this from happening in the first place: if you haven't worn one of our cap brands before, we highly recommend that you try one on at your local sporting goods store. We carry three of the most popular cap brands around: Flexfit, New Era and Richardson. At this time we don't cover the cost of shipping back and forth.

Worth repeating: There's no substitute for trying on a cap in person.  

What happens if I receive a custom cap and it doesn't fit me and I just want to return the cap and get a refund?
Because the blank cap itself is no longer usable and needs to be thrown away, we can only give store credit minus 50% off the cost of the blank cap alone (i.e.; $20 blank cap would be $10 with 50% off). As we've mentioned before, it's a good idea to try on a cap from a hat store before you buy one from us. 

You messed up on my order. What do I do? 
First, sorry about that. Second, we're going to treat you like royalty for our screwup. Contact us here, or from the email confirmation you received at the time of your order and watch us work like bandits to remedy this. 

Can you put me on a waiting list for a vintage patch? 
We no longer put folks on a waiting list. However on some individual patch pages you can sign up to be notified via email when a patch is re-stocked.

We never know when, or if, a sold-out vintage patch will ever show up again. Mark Twain said it best, "They're not making Dale Earnhardt Sr. vintage patches anymore." 

A patch I really want is sold out. When will you restock it? 
Unlike new patches, there's no way to predict future vintage finds. They show up when they show up. And that's the beauty of being a vintage patch collector: you never know when, or if, something will ever show up again. Mark Twain said it best, "They're not making vintage patches anymore." (MT was actually talking about land of course, but this logic easily applies to vintage patches and fruitcakes). However we're always on the hunt for the next amazing vintage find. We're patch pirates afterall.

What's the trick in snagging a vintage one before it's gone? 
An obscene amount of cold hard cash? If that's not an option for you, we release many of our patches first on our Instagram feed. Follow us there and turn on notifications. 


Are your patches really vintage?
Absolutely. Non-licensed reproduction patches is not our thing (it's cheating and evil folks), and not cool from a copyright standpoint. We're first and foremost vintage patch collectors. (Putting vintage patches and blank caps together was a fortunate accident). We try our very best to only collect and sell patches that are at least 20 years old and in mint condition. In the near future we will be selling our own original designs (not reproductions) but those patches will be fully disclosed in the description. 

But aren't you worried about copyright issues with your vintage patches?
We're strict followers of the First Sale Doctrine: "The term 'first-sale doctrine' comes from the fact that the copyright owner maintains control over a specific copy only until it is first sold." The First Sale Doctrine is why folks on EBay or Craigslist can sell vintage and pre-owned items and not have to pay the original manufacturer a royalty (think about how silly that would be). By purchasing second-hand vintage patches (mostly from collectors) we avoid copy infringement. Also, we don't alter our vintage patches. We also feel strongly that a company should have rights over its least the first sale of its product. (Music and software not withstanding). 

You can't beat the feeling of holding a vintage patch that hasn't seen the light of day in decades.

Why sell vintage patches – wouldn't it be easier to sell new patches?
Easier for sure, but not necessarily better. In our opinion many new patches nowadays strive for perfection. Vintage patches are perfectly imperfect works of art. And because of these "perfect imperfections" vintage patches have character. Made out of cotton canvas and thick embroidery. No two vintage patches, even the same design, are exactly alike. Plus you can't beat the feeling of tracking down a vintage patch that hasn't seen the light of day in decades. 

We scour flea markets, garage sales, and ex-dictators estate sales for mint condition patches.

Where do you find all of your vintage patches?
We've been collecting vintage patches for decades. We scour online auction sites, flea markets, garage sales, and ex-dictators estate sales for mint condition patches. We like buying in both lots and single patch sales. Now that we've been around, collectors come to us first with their finds.

Do you really sew all of your patches onto caps in-house? 
Yes we do. When we first started out, we sewed all of our patches onto caps by hand. After a few hundred orders, and countless blisters, we purchased an industrial sewing machine that we had customized to our specifications. We hate to brag, but our sewing expertise is what sets us apart and allows us to have cap customization as a big part of our business. This also allows us to provide our unique Cap Swaping Program.  


What's your Cap Swap Program about?
We offer a lifetime Cap Swap Program – unheard of in the cap industry. We believe a well-made patch should last a lifetime. That's why if you ever want to replace your cap, send it back to us and we'll transfer you vintage patch onto a new cap. (Price starts at $20). 

Why provide a Cap Swap?
Caps get, stained and smelly. Why wear an old cap when you can swap it out for a new one and keep your vintage patch?  Vintage patches, in our opinion, just get better with time.

Machine sewing stretches and secures a patch to the point where it hugs the contours of a cap.

So why go to all the trouble of machine sewing vintage patches onto caps?
Because it’s simply the best way to secure a patch onto a ball cap. Sure, you could glue down a patch in half the time but it’s never going to be able to stay secure or make a design “pop-off” a cap. Machine sewing stretches and secures a patch to the point where it hugs the contours of a cap. Gluing down a patch on a cap can never achieve this unique dimensionality.

It's well documented that boxstores are where evil clowns hang out during union breaks – or so we've heard.  

How is buying a cap here different from buying a cap from a traditional boxstore?
Besides being longtime collectors of vintage patches, we're also cap customizers. We let you choose the exact vintage patch and cap combination you want, and then we custom sew your chosen patch and cap together here in California. We carefully select each and everyone of our vintage patches. We've been collecting for years, and we only buy mint-condition vintage patches that are around twenty years-old.  Plus, boxstores are where evil clowns hang out during union breaks – or so we've heard.  

Why are your caps more expensive than boxstore caps?
Because we only use organically-grown space-age polymers? Seriously, we feel our prices are fair for what we offer: authentic vintage patches on quality caps – made-to-order and sewn in-house. Besides being so unique and well-made, mint-condition vintage patches are many times more expensive than new patches. In fact, modern patches can be had for as little as forty-cents per patch when ordered in large quantities. Makes one wonder why big boxstores don't sell their caps for less.

You sign every cap you sew?
Yep, you'll find a signature on the inside of every cap we sew. It's our form of branding and a small sign of pride: A craftsman put some effort into your custom cap. If you don't see a signature, you'll know that we were taken over by evil robots and it's a cry for help. 

It's beyond a scientific fact: our caps will make you even more handsome than you already are. (Don't you just love science?)

Payment types that you accept?
We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and Amazon, Apple, and Google Pay.

Do you offer a guarantee on your caps?
We offer a one-year guarantee on all of our caps. Unheard of in the ruthless cap industry. 

How often do you stock fresh vintage patches?
We get fresh vintage patches nearly every day. We post these fresh finds every week. We also search our patch vault and post these redisovered finds on Instagram. 

What kind of vintage patches do you all specialize in?
Wes personally selects the following patches: cars, trucks, motorcycles, motorsports, farm/feed, industrial and beer. Wes comes from a graphic design background so he also collects vintage patches based on the look and attitude of an individual patch. 

So, who runs Megadeluxe?
Megadeluxe was founded by Wes Garcia, former Apple designer, self-described speedologist, and vintage patch picker. Wes selects (and sews) every single patch and cap combination himself. Learn more about our story here

Where is Megadeluxe headquartered?
Megadeluxe is based in a secret underground yurt with a beautiful view of Berkeley, California.

What's the best way to clean a patch and cap?
Find someone else to do it? To clean a patch, gently brush with a toothbrush and soapy water. For the cap itself, use soapy water (just a drop or two of soap with a cup of water) and a clean sponge. To rinse off soapy water, use a spray bottle filled with regular tap water. Lightly spray cap down and pat dry with a microfiber cloth. Repeat as necessary until soap is gone. Air dry on a rack overnight until fully dry.

I'm looking for a certain English league full-contact badminton vintage patch from the 1920's, do you happen to have one? 
Sorry, no. Wes only collects the 1930's vintage variety of that now outlawed blood sport.

The End. (Don't know how you survived, but we're so glad you made it).