Custom Caps For The World’s Most Handsome Heads

Sewing Service. Cap sold separately.

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You own a patch, or maybe more, that need to be sewn onto a cap. We can help with that. Our sewing expertise is what sets our custom caps apart. That's what happens when you sew up a few thousand custom caps a year. 

Steps to getting your patches sewn onto blank caps:

1. After reading all the the guidelines below, please text us at the 510 number in the second photo above. (Text only please). We’ll text you back same day and ask for a photo of your patch: we want to make sure your patch/patches are suitable for sewing onto caps. FYI: We’re located in California and open 7 days a week. 9am to 9pm.
2. Once your patches are approved, and you’ve purchased both this service and a cap, we'll then text you our address. We recommend using a USPS service with a tracking number. We encourage folks to purchase insurance as well.
3. Once we receive your patch/patches, we’ll ship out your cap/caps in around two weeks.
4. We reserve the right to turn down a patch once it arrives and we can further inspect it. Sometimes we can't make a final call until a patch is in our possession. We’ll refund you minus return shipping cost. 

      Patch and ordering guidelines:

      • Caps are not included in the price, and must be purchased separately. 
      • A patch must be no taller than 3" to fit onto one of our caps. Maximum width is 5".  
      • Patches with multiple curves and sharp angles might not be sewable. Many modern made patches won't hold up to our industrial sewing machine. Also, we do not take in non-licensed reproduction patches. Commonly found on eBay and Etsy. We can spot one of these retro patches from a mile away.
      • Patches must be clean. We don’t accept patches still attached to caps - must be removed if that’s the case. We charge an additional $10 per patch for cleaning or removing a patch from a cap. YouTube has excellent tutorials on how to properly clean and remove patches. 
      • Please send in the patch or patches as soon as you can after you place an order. 

      Appreciate you reading all the details here. At Megadeluxe we want to provide our customers with the highest level of service possible and ensure that you are completely satisfied. 

      Frequently asked questions about our sewing service. 

      Seems like a lot of steps just to get a patch sewn onto a cap. 
      Couldn’t agree with you more. But if you’ve ever received one of our custom caps we think you’ll understand that we put a ton of craft and care into what we do. Properly cared for, our custom caps will last a generation. No worries if the cap gets destroyed along the way because we can swap out an old cap for a new one. A service we’ve offered from the very start of our business.

      Can I send in my own blank cap? 
      Sorry, no. We have experience with the caps we’ve carried for years.

      Do you accept officially licensed new patches? 
      Yes we do, as long as they fall within our sizing guidelines above. For example, we have some die hard Harley-Davidson customers who have sent us new patches they’ve purchased directly from HD’s store.

      So why go to all the trouble of machine sewing vintage patches onto caps
      Because it’s simply the best way to secure a patch onto a ball cap. A well-sewn patch will last twenty-years or more. The cap will give out before the patch ever does. Sure, you could glue down a patch in half the time but it’s never going to be able to stay secure or make a design “pop-off” a cap. Machine sewing stretches and secures a patch to the point where it hugs the contours of a cap. Gluing down a patch on a cap can never achieve this unique dimensionality and lasting power.

      Do you really sew all of your patches onto caps in-house? 
      Yes we do. When we first started out, we sewed all of our patches onto caps by hand.  (There’s photo of this above). After a few hundred orders, and countless blisters, we purchased an industrial sewing machine (we now have several) that we had customized to our specifications. We hate to brag, but our sewing expertise is what sets us apart and allows us to have cap customization as a big part of our business.