Oakland, California Store

Store location:
3234 Grand Avenue
Oakland, CA. 94610
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THU-SAT: 12pm to 5pm
SUN: 12pm to 4pm

We have a huge selection of patches and blank caps. Get your patch and cap selection sewn together – usually takes around five to ten minutes per cap.

As of July of 2023, we're now offering t-shirts, hoodies and foam truckers. Pick one of our designs, pick a t-shirt, hoodie or foam trucker, and we press them together in around half an hour. 

We’re just a few doors down from the Grand Lake Theatre

Store FAQs

The Oakland store is more than just a retail space – it’s a workshop as well. 
Prior to opening up our Oakland store we worked out of an industrial space. We wanted more of a creative space where we could do both production and retail under one roof. With high ceilings and plenty of natural light, this former gallery space couldn't be more perfect for us. 

How is the Oakland store different from the online store?
We have a few items that are only sold at the store including small-batch designer patches. We're now selling in-house designed t-shirts, hoodies and foam truckers. 

I need my design printed on a few t-shirts. Do you offer bulk pricing on t-shirts?
Yes we do. Full details on bulk t-shirt pricing here.

Can I bring in my own patch and have it sewn onto a cap?
Most likely. We just need to take a look at your patch to see if it can be sewn onto one of our caps. 

How about bulk orders and pricing for t-shirts and hoodies?
At this time we don't do bulk orders or wholesale pricing. 

Can I bring in my own design and have it embroidered onto a single cap?
Sorry, no. For orders less than 48 caps, we recommend working with a online businesses that specialize in custom embroidery. For orders over 48 caps, please contact us, we do have an amazing local embroider.

Is there anything to do while I'm getting a cap or t-shirt made?
We have some fantastic retail and restaurants spots including: Red Bay Coffee, Modigliani Cafe, Neecha ThaiSisterBake SumAlkali RyeBrother & Sisters, Michael’s Chocolates, OrdinaireAlmond & Oak, Star PizzaRad BirdWalden Pond Books. And every Saturday there’s the popular Grand Lake Farmers Market