Custom Caps For The World’s Most Handsome Heads

How This Custom Cap Thing Works

You pick a patch and a cap. We sew and ship. Yep, that's it. 

1. You pick out a patch and a cap.
2. We sew your patch and cap together and ship. (Ship in 6-10 business days).
3. You receive your cap and put it on. Instantly your head becomes even more handsome.

Top Ten answers to questions we receive:

1. How this works: You pick a patch, and a cap. We sew in-house and ship around 10 business days after your order.
2. We keep our shipping out dates here. Updated daily.
3. Shipping is $4.95 to anywhere in the USA. Free USA shipping on orders of $59 and over. 
4. We are based in California, and open seven days a week – 9am to 9pm – Pacific Time.   
5. Sorry, we don't sell patches alone – only sewn onto our caps. 
6. Regarding sold-out vintage patches: there's no way to predict when, or if, a particular patch will show up again. However we do have notifications on some patch pages that will automically email you once a patch has been restocked.  
7. We carry Flexfit, Yupoong, Richardson, and New Era caps. Some of the best-built caps in the business.
8. Sorry, we don't produce custom patches. Just collect and sell vintage patches sewn onto caps.
9. On average our custom caps fall into the $39-$49 range.
10. Due to being super busy and short staffed, we are no longer taking custom sewing jobs for the remainder of the year.


Wes sews every vintage patch onto caps here at Megadeluxe. 
Click on the video below to see his handiwork. 

Signs every cap. His form of branding. (Or, too lazy to sew on a label?)

Picks out every vintage patch. He's been collecting for years.

Here's some more. The man is definitely a patch hoarder. 

We offer a Cap Swap Program for all of our custom caps. 

Sews up hundreds of caps a month. Sleep is for toddlers or so he says. 

His favorite racing quote. Applies to sewing as well.

Turns on patches are for fast (and precise) sewers.

Megadeluxe Custom Caps. We got your handsome head covered.