How This Works

You pick a patch, and a cap. We sew and ship. Yep, it’s that simple. 

1. You pick out a patch and a cap.
2. We sew your patch and cap together and ship in a week or less.
3. You receive your cap and put it on. Instantly your head becomes even more handsome.


Every custom cap is sewn in-house here at Megadeluxe. 

Wes picks out every vintage patch. He's been collecting for years.

Here's some more. The man is definitely a patch hoarder. 

We sew hundreds of custom caps a month. Sleep is for toddlers. 

Timeless racing quote. Applies to sewing as well.


Turns on patches are for fast (and precise) sewers.

Megadeluxe Custom Caps. We got your handsome head covered.