Custom Caps For The World’s Most Handsome Heads.

Hey Handsome Head. So glad you stopped by.

First time here? Here’s how this custom cap thing works at Megadeluxe.

The first step in building your custom cap is picking out a vintage patch. Take your time, we have over 400 vintage patches in stock.

Below are a mix of popular and rare vintage finds.

We post fresh vintage finds almost everyday. Why you might ask? Because we’re patch pickers and we can’t help ourselves.

Vintage patch categories that we collect include:

Autos, Trucks, Motorcycles, Racing Heritage, Industrial, Farm & Feed, Beverage, Outdoors, Sports.

The second step in building your custom cap is picking out the right hat. You can’t go wrong with a hat from Flexift. So comfortable your noggin will thank you twice for choosing this cap brand.

View our entire assortment of Flexfits

Or, you could go with a cap from New Era. Rumor has it that some folks who buy New Eras won’t wear anything else to bed.

Richardsons – our best selling cap brand. We offer over 80 styles and colors to choose from.

Yupoong is one of our favorite snapbacks. Old-school attitude. At its best in a dark alley showdown.

Prebuilt & 100% Vintage Caps. Because sometimes your melon needs a cap right away.

View our entire selection of Prebuilt caps here. Shipped next business day.

State Highway Patches

Our State Highway Patches are designed in-house, and like our vintage patches – are built to last a generation or two. Build your own custom cap with one of these bad boys.

State Highway Prebuilt Caps

New designs inspired by vintage state highway signs, many no longer around, that harken back to a time when Americans first hit the open road and took the long way home.

Signature craftsmanship that comes with a 20-year warranty.