Pick a vintage patch. Pick a cap. We sew 'em together.

Our Story

One upon a time in a secret lab in Northern California... 

Founded by former Apple Designer, and world's classiest vintage patchologist, Wes Garcia. Frustrated that he couldn't get anyone to sew his vintage patches, Wes began handsewing his vintage patches onto new ball caps. Wes showed his caps to a few friends who immediately spread the word about his new idea: vintage patches sewn onto new ball caps. (Much to his surprise, and lazy desposition, it took off). 

Welcome custom cap builders. You: pick a patch and a cap. We: sew & ship.

Hard to believe, but yes, you can really get the patch you want sewn onto any cap we carry. At our Berkeley, California studio we we carry a large cap assortment: curved bills, flat snap backs, 5 and 6 panel, and truckers. 

We like to think of ourselves as vintage patch preservationists. That's why if your Megadeluxe cap ever gets damaged or worn over time, send your vintage patch back to us and we'll sew it onto a new cap at a fair market price. We believe a well-made patch should last a lifetime. 

Vintage patch picking is how we started. Cap customizers is what we became.

Besides being longtime collectors of vintage patches, we're also cap customizers. We let you choose the exact vintage patch and cap combination you want, and then we custom sew your chosen patch and cap together here in California. We carefully select each and everyone of our vintage patches. We've been collecting for years, and we only buy mint-condition vintage patches that are around twenty years-old.


Wes Garcia, W.C.V.P.
(World's Classiest Vintage Patchologist)