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About Megadeluxe

One upon a time in a secret lab in California...

Megadeluxe was founded by Wes Garcia, former Apple designer. Frustrated that he couldn't find anyone to sew his vintage patches onto new ball caps, Wes began handsewing his vintage patches onto hats. (We now machine sew our patches onto caps). Wes posted some of these caps to a few friends on Instagram who spread the word. And from there a custom cap business was born. (Much to his surprise, it took off). Although Megadeluxe now ships out thousands of custom caps a year, Wes still selects every vintage patch and inspects every custom cap. He still sews a few caps every now and then. 

Vintage patch picking is how we started. Cap customizers is what we became.

Besides being longtime collectors of vintage patches, we're also cap customizers. We let you choose the exact vintage patch and cap combination you want, and then we custom sew your chosen patch and cap together here in California. We carefully select each and everyone of our vintage patches. We've been collecting for years, and we only buy mint-condition vintage patches that are around twenty years-old.


Just your basic overnight success story. Working late nights, over and over, to make sure we provide the best custom caps for the world’s most handsome heads. 

Wes Garcia, W.C.V.P. 
(World's Classiest Vintage Patchologist)