Custom Caps For The World’s Most Handsome Heads

Why Buy From Us?

Six reasons why buying a custom cap from my company might be one of the best things you’ve ever done for your handsome head.

I started Megadeluxe years ago in the basement of my house, sewing vintage patches onto new caps by hand. Things have changed since those early days (like moving to a commercial space, hiring a stellar team, and upgrading to industrial sewing machines) but the idea of providing my customers with a quality product backed by extraordinary service has not. 
Wes Garcia :: Megadeluxe Founder. Vintage Patchologist. Master Stitcher.

1. What other cap company expertly sews every patch onto cap and then throws in a twenty-year guarantee on that sewing job? (The correct answer is zero). Side note, if you own a cap with a vintage patch that is glued on – you are dead to me. 

2. Name another cap customizer who gives you his cell phone number after you make a purchase? Do I offer this because I want to shoot the breeze? (Not so much). I do this because if you’re unhappy with your Megadeluxe cap, I want to be the first to know so that I can fix it. You should never be less than one hundred percent satisfied with your Megadeluxe cap. 

3. Who else will sew that vintage patch you’ve collected onto a cap? We provide a huge selection of blank caps to choose from, and the sewing service to put them both together.

4. Is there another cap company owner out there who started off as a vintage patch collector with zero sewing experience? And is crazy enough to now provide a swap program if you want to switch out your old cap for a new while keeping the original patch? This is the kind of crazy I’m into. 

5. Who else let’s you design your own custom cap? It’s why Megadeluxe offers the most popular caps brands around: Flexfit, Yuppong, New Era, Richardson and Carhartt. In over 300 styles and colors. By pairing the hat brand you’ve worn for years with one of our vintage patches you get the exact custom cap you want – no compromises.

6. Finally, what other cap customizer can say he’s either sewn or inspected every cap shipped out from his company? (We’re talking thousands of caps every year). Every single cap I’ve sold from day one has either been sewn and or inspected by me.