Cap Shield 2.0 Tutorial

Update: after seeing the latest information from Open Source COVID19 on Facebook, we are recommending that the cap itself be disposed after a shift. (But keeping the shield). As we've said before: we want to cause no harm. 

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 Version 2.0 // Posted on SAT MAR 21 9:01PM

My buddy Mike Wooldridge and his son Griffin made a tutorial video. 

Tools needed. Drill. (Drill bit: 7/32). Gaffer or electrical tape. Phillips screwdriver. Scissors. Pliers. Drill.


16" W x 8" H  Polycarbonate Safety Shield. Purchase on Amazon. As of March 22, it appears that Amazon is limiting these to 6 per order/address. We're looking into other clear plastic options like clear shower curtains, clear container lids etc. If you can think of something else that might work, let me know. 


Hardware. "L" bracket - approximately 3/4"


Machine Screws. 10-32 x 1/2



Flat brim cap. Round visor won't work.


Place "L" brackets near sides. 


Drill two holes for "L" brackets.


Insert "L" bracket screws.


Line up safety shield holes to the "L" bracket. Make sure that a "U" bend stays inside the bottom visor area. 


Attaching safety shield to "L" bracket.






Apply black gaffer tape to block safety shield holes. Can use electrical tape as well.