Cap Swap. Switch out that old cap for a new one.

Regular price $3.00

Have an old worn or torn Megadeluxe cap that needs to be swapped? You’ve come to the right place – cap sold separately. 

Here’s the thing, caps get worn, torn and misshapen over time. But we think our vintage patches only get better with time. So, preserve that vintage patch by letting us sew it on a new cap. Yes, it’s kind of crazy that we offer this service for only $1.50. But we are vintage patch preservationists first and foremost. 

Steps to getting your old Megadeluxe cap swapped out:

1. Please text us with your name and a photo of your cap at the 510 number at the bottom of this page. Also, let us know you’re looking to get your Megadeluxe cap swapped. 
2. Once we approve your Megadeluxe cap for swapping, you can then purchase a blank cap and this service. Then text us back and we’ll send you shipping information. We recommend using a USPS service with a tracking number. 
3. Once we receive your cap, we’ll ship it out in around a week.

Additional Cap Swap details:

  • Just purchase this $1.50 service and a blank cap. We like to take care of our customers in small ways like this. 
  • We charge an additional $10 per patch should it need to be cleaned. We’ll let you know if this is the case when you send us a photo of your cap.
  • Please send in your cap as soon as you can after you place an order and include a note with your name and order number with your shipment. If you’re ordering more than one cap, please let us know cap and patch pairings.
  • To save on shipping cost, please remove the patch from your cap by simply cutting around it with a pair of sharp scissors. Be careful not to cut or slice your patch – especially when cutting around the bottom edge. Slow and easy does it. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, just ship the whole cap and we'll take care of removing your patch. 

Appreciate you reading all the details here. At Megadeluxe we want to provide our customers with the highest level of service possible and ensure that you are completely satisfied.