Patch To Cap Sewing Service

Regular price $39.00

You own a couple of patches that need to be sewn onto our caps. We can help with that. Our sewing expertise is what sets our custom caps apart. That's what happens when you sew a few thousand custom caps a year. 

Two patch minimum: $39. Two caps sold separately. 

Steps to getting your patches sewn onto blank caps:

1. Please send us a photo of your patches. We need to make sure your patches are sewable. Patches with multiple curves and sharp angles might not be sewable. Many modern made patches won't hold up to our industrial sewing machine. Also, we definitely do not take in non-licensed retro patches.  
2. After your patches are approved, and this service and the caps are paid for, we'll give you an address that you can mail your patches to. We recommend using a USPS service with a tracking number. You may want to purchase insurance as well.
3. Once we receive your patches, we’ll ship out your caps in 6-10 business days. Free USA shipping.
4. We reserve the right to turn down a patch once it arrives and we can further inspect it. Sometimes we can't make a final call until a patch is in our possession. 

      Pricing and vintage patch guidelines:

      • Sewing service pricing for two patches is $39. Caps are not included and must be purchased as well.
      • A patch must be no taller than 3" to fit on one of our caps. Maximum width is 5". Again, please send us a photo of your patch before making a purchase. 
      • As we mentioned before, patches with multiple curves and sharp angles might not be sewable. Along with some modern made patches.
      • Please note: During December and vacations, we don't take on any sewing service jobs.

      Appreciate you reading all the details here. At Megadeluxe we want to provide our customers with the highest level of service possible and ensure that you are completely satisfied. 

      Thanks - Wes