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Sewing Service

Regular price $10.00

You have a patch and it needs to go onto a cap. We have the sewing specialists to professionally sew your patch on any cap we carry. 

Here's some ground rules:

  • We have two price options: Simple and Complex. Once we see your patch we can let you know which option your patch falls under. 
  • Please send us a photo of your patch before you order and pay for this service. We need to see if your patch is sewable onto one of our ball caps, and whether it's a Simple or Complex patch. Once we give you the okay, we'll send you an address you can mail your patch to. 

  • Sewing service fee is for one customer supplied patch onto any blank ball cap we carry.
  • Price is for sewing service only. Customer must still pay for one of our blank ball caps. 
  • Patches must be no taller than 3" to fit on one of our caps. Maximum width is 5". 

Drop us a line if you have any questions. Thanks!