Build your own custom ball cap with just a little expert sewing help from us.

Sewing Service. (Three Cap & Vintage Patch Minimum).

Regular price $15.00

You have a few vintage patches and they need to go onto some caps. We have the sewing specialists to professionally sew your patches on any blank cap we carry. 

Here's some guidelines:

  • We have a three cap and patch minimum for our sewing services. Sewing service pricing for one cap and patch starts at $35. Minimum order for 3 caps and 3 patches starts at $105. (We're easy, but not cheap). 
  • Please send us a photo of your vintage patch. We need to see if your vintage patches are sewable onto one of our new ball caps, and whether they're a Simple,  Complex, or Super Complex patches. Once we give you the okay, and you make a purchase, we'll send you an address that you can mail your vintage patches to. 
  • We have three price options: Simple and Complex, and Super Complex – based on degree of difficulty. Once we have seen your vintage patches we’ll let you know which price option your patch falls under. A good example of a Simple patch is the Mobil Pegasus vintage patch shown above.
  • Please note: We don't sew on modern-made patches. Many modern patches (made in the last ten years) are made of thin, cheap fabric without a merrow border to keep a patch’s layers locked down. Because of this, modern day patches are meant to be heat-glued onto a cap – not sewn – a service we do not provide. 
  • Patches must be no taller than 3" to fit on one of our caps. Maximum width is 5". Again please  send us a photo prior to ordering.

Drop us a line if you have any questions. Thanks!