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Ford. Megadeluxe Rubber Made Patch. K-Products Vintage Full-Mesh Trucker

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K-Products History 
K-Products was a huge producer of trucker caps back in the 70's and 80's. In 1998 they merged with Swingster. Swingster went out of business sometime in the early 2000's. (The K-Products brand was later purchased by Staples). K-Products have an almost cult-like following among vintage clothing collectors. Some rarer K-Products truckers can fetch hundreds of dollars.  

Vintage Cap Restoration 
Not all, but some of these vintage caps when they come in are dirty, wrinkled, worn, and out of shape. We like slightly worn, so we don’t worry about that. For the rest of the ailments, we give them a Megadeluxe spa treatment: shampoo bath, a steam, and several coatings of stiffener to get back their shape. It’s a long process but we enjoy bringing these caps back to life.

Megadeluxe Rubber Made Patch
Produced in-house, these rubber patches are hand painted. Sewn on, these rubber patches are flexible and non-toxic. One of a kind design.