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Denim Front. 5 Panel Snapback. With Mesh Back.

Denim Front. 5 Panel Snapback. With Mesh Back.


100% dark blue cotton denim / 100% polyester mesh back 

Additional Features:
5 Panel, seamless front, Pro high-crown. Structured mesh back, Contrast stitching. Pre-curved visor. Plastic snap closure. One size fits most.

Don't Forget To Choose A Vintage Patch
We're all about vintage patches and have been collecting them for years. All of our patches are at least twenty years old. We strive to only buy patches that are in mint conditions. Visit our patch page to view our current collection. 

Visit Our Patch Page

Three simple steps to get a custom cap.

Just three simple steps to get a Megadeluxe custom cap:
1) Pick a cap then add to your shopping cart.
2) Pick a patch then add it to your shopping cart. 
3) Check-out and pay. We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and Amazon Payments.
That's it. So simple it's scary. 

Readymade FAQs

Seriously, is it true that I can get a vintage patch sewn onto any cap you carry?
Yep, it's true. (Seriously, we get this question almost everyday). 

How's buying a cap here different from buying a cap from a boxstore?
Besides being longtime collectors of vintage patches, we're also cap customizers. We let you choose the exact vintage patch and cap combination you want, and then we custom sew your chosen patch and cap together here in California. We carefully select each and eveyone of our vintage patches. We've been collecting for years, and we only buy mint condition vintage patches.

We offer a one-year warranty on every cap we sell – unheard of in the cap industry. We believe a well-made patch should last a lifetime. That's why if you ever want to replace your cap, send it back to us and we'll transfer you vintage patch onto a new cap – at a fair market price. Plus, boxstores are where evil clowns hang out during union breaks – or so we've heard.  

I can't decide on a patch and cap combination. Can you help?
Yes we can. Just drop us a line and we'll send over a few mockups. We aim to please.

Do you ship worldwide?
Oh yes. Name a country, and we've probably shipped it there. 

How long does it take to get my cap once I've ordered one?
Depending on volume of orders it usually takes 2-5 business days for our made-to-order custom-sewn caps. During busy periods like the holidays it can take longer. 

Where is Megadeluxe located?
We're based in Oakland, California. Home to some of the best people, weather and food in these United States. 

Do you have a physical store?
Nah, that would be honest work. All of our sales are done here or on Instagram

What kind of guarantee are we talking about here?
We offer a one-year guarantee on all of our caps. After the one-year is up, if you decide you'd like another cap, just send it in and we'll remove the patch and sew it on a brand new cap at a fair price. We believe a well-made patch should last a lifetime. 

Where do you get all of your vintage patches?
We've been collecting vintage patches for decades. We scour flea markets, garage sales, and estate sales for mint condition patches. Now that we've been around, people sell us their vintage patches. 

How often do you stock fresh vintage patches?
We get fresh vintage patches nearly every day. We post these fresh finds every week. 

I'm looking for a certain vintage patch. Can you hunt it down for me?
Oh yes, we will track it down like a bloodhound. Just contact us here.

Can I send you a patch to sew onto one of your caps?
Of course. Right now we charge $29 for that service. That price comes with any Flexfit cap we carry along with a one-year guarantee on the cap itself. 

What's on the horizon...product wise?
We're in the midst of creating our own line of vintage-inspired felt patches for both caps and jackets.

Who are you people?
Megadeluxe was founded by Wes Garcia. Self-described speedologist, vintage patch mogul, and man-about-town. 

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