Custom Caps For The World’s Most Handsome Heads

Patches & Caps. A Match Made In Hat Heaven

Patches without caps? It's like breaking up a perfect partnership.

It's like...

  • A patty-less hamburger.
  • No jiggle with your jello.
  • An all-bun, no hot dog, hot dog.
  • A Fast & Furious movie minus the fury. 
  • All chit and no chat. 
  • A chocolate chip-less cookie.
  • Rock, and no roll. (You need the roll to shake that money maker).
  • A sanctioned mud-wrestling contest. But one where some idiot forgot to water down the dirt. 
  • A wedding without a toast by my drunk uncle. Especially to weddings that he's not been invited to. 
  • Just some plain Mega without a generous portion of deluxe.

But seriously folks, we're not messing with a winning formula.

Wes tried selling patches alone before. It was a lousy business model. Actually it was more like a hobby that occasionally paid for gas money. Once he came up with the idea of sewing vintage patches onto caps, this hobby turned into a business that now supports his family. Does the fact that we don't sell patches alone disappoint some folks? Definitely. But in the end a business can easily go belly-up trying to be everything to everyone. And the overwhelming majority of our customers come for our custom caps. We're not messing with a winning formula.  

Like we always say, without a cap, a patch is just a logo stuck to your forehead. And we can't let that happen to our patches.