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Copy of Shipping Information

As of July 18 we are on schedule with all of our shipping-out date estimates – see below. Because our caps are made-to-order, it takes around two weeks for us to ship out an order. 

From time-to-time we do experience shipping delays from our cap suppliers that impact a small number of orders. We’ll do our best to inform individual customers via text or email. You can also contact us here.

Ordered JUL 5-8 :: Ship on JUL 21 WED
Ordered JUL 9-11 :: Ship on JUL 23 FRI
Ordered JUL 12-15 :: Ship on JUL 28 WED
Ordered JUL 16-18 :: Ship on JUL 30 FRI

Ordered JUL 2-4 :: Ship on JUL 16 FRI
Ordered JUN 28 - JUL 1 :: Ship on JUL 14 WED
Ordered JUN 25-27 :: Ship on JUL 9 FRI
Ordered JUN 21-24 :: Ship on JUL 7 WED
Ordered JUN 18-20 :: Ship on JUL 2 FRI
Ordered JUN 14-17 :: Ship on JUN 30 WED
Ordered JUN 11-13 :: Ship on JUN 25 FRI
Ordered JUN 7-10 :: Ship on JUN 23 WED
Ordered JUN 4-6 :: Ship on JUN 18 FRI

Please note these are shipping out dates from our California studio – not an estimated delivery date to your address. 

If you have any issues with your order don't hesitate to text me. You have my cell phone number from the original order confirmation email that was sent to you. I personally respond to every text. 
~ Wes Garcia - Cap Customizer To The World's Most Handsome

Shipping FAQs

How long does it take for a custom order to ship out?
It takes around two weeks for us to sew and ship out an order. 

Will I receive an email confirmation?
Yes you will. By 5pm PT, on the day your order is scheduled to ship out, you’ll receive an email with your USPS tracking number. Be aware that it can take up to 24 hours for your tracking number to be activated by USPS. Once your tracking number is in USPS’s system, you can then track your package (on USPS’s website) to receive up-to-date shipping status. Sorry, no way for us to estimate USPS exact delivery times prior to shipping.

I never received a confirmation email after my purchase.
No blame shame here, but the vast majority of the times when this happens is because a customer entered their email incorrectly, forgot which email they gave, or it ended up in their spam folder. If this doesn’t help, you can always contact us here.

I haven't received any updates or a tracking number.
We only send out two emails. The first one when you place an order. The second email is sent out on the day your order is shipped - by 5pm PT. This second email will have your USPS tracking number. Please be aware that it can take up to 24 hours before your tracking number is activated in USPS’s system.

How much does it cost to get a cap shipped in the USA?
$4.95 to anywhere in the US of A. We started a "zero markup" for shipping as of May, 2018. Zero markup means we make zero profit off shipping. When USPS (our carrier) raises prices, we'll do so accordingly but with no upcharge to our customers. USPS charges us $2.92 to ship an average order to anywhere in the USA. We add $1.03 for the cost of packaging. (Boxes run 74 cents alone).

  • $2.92 – USPS shipping cost

  • $2.03 – Packaging and Handling

  • $4.95 – Total 

Do you use any other carriers besides USPS?
Sorry, no. We only use USPS because of our overwhelming success rate with them. Since we started using USPS exclusively in 2017, only a handful of packages have gone missing out of the thousands of orders we ship out every year. 

How long does it normally take for USPS to deliver my order once it ships?
Sorry, no way for us to estimate USPS exact delivery times. Due to variables like weather and volume, delivery timelines vary from state-to-state and county-to-county. However, once your order ships out, we will automatically email you a confirmation email along with a USPS tracking number. 
Once you receive this unique USPS tracking number and it's in their system (can take 12-24 hours) you can then track your package to receive up-to-date shipping status. You can also sign up for email and text alerts there as well.

USPS tracking information indicates my order was delivered. But it wasn’t. What do I do?
Call or visit your local post office ASAP. USPS has a process that they follow for all missing packages – especially when a package is marked as delivered. It could be that you postman delivered your order by accident to another address in your neighborhood. If your post office believes your package was stolen after it was delivered, please
 contact us hereWe’ll then contact USPS to confirm it was stolen. (Trust, but verify is our motto here).  After that official confirmation from USPS, we’ll work to get you a replacement cap or store credit up to $65. We can only offer this replacement or store credit once per customer or household. 

Do you ship worldwide?
Not worldwide. However we do ship to Canada, Australia and New Zealand. (Just started shipping to New Zealand in 2021).

Why don't you ship to more countries?
At one time we did, and we just lost money and gobs of time. We used USPS Priority Mail International, and shipping overseas started at $45 per order. Our average cap starts at around $39, so we thought $45 was too expensive of an additional charge. Unfortunately, it was the only shipping option where we could reliably track international packages. Another hurdle: most countries charge additional duties and taxes which can push up the cost even higher. In the end we had to make the difficult call and discontinue worldwide shipping. Huge downer, since we'd love to ship our caps worldwide. We'll revisit this issue every few months and hopefully someday we'll find a solution.