CAT Diesel Power. Wyoming Machinery Company. Otto Corduroy Trucker Snapback

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From our 100% Vintage Truckers line. Focusing on legendary hat companies like K-Products, Swingster, New Era Duponts, Louisville Mfg. as well as some lesser known cap makers.

Not all, but some of these vintage caps when they come in are dirty, wrinkled, worn, and out of shape. We like slightly worn, so we don’t worry about that. For the rest of the ailments, we give them a Megadeluxe spa treatment: steam bath, and several coatings of stiffener to get back their shape. It’s a long process but we enjoy bringing these vintage truckers back to life.

All of our vintage truckers are restored and meant to be worn. No museum pieces here.

Many of you have asked, but because these take a lot of time and effort, I only restore my own vintage trucker finds.

Stay tuned as we keep rolling these bad boys out.

Our Vintage Pricing Methodology
For our 100% vintage caps we base most, but not all, of our pricing on comparable historical data from different sources including online auction sites. Other times pricing is based on our knowledge of this particular vintage market.